Example of a Persuasive Essay – Tips for Students

For those of you who are not aware, an Example of a persuasive essay is just a short article that makes a strong argument. The argument can be either for or against the particular argument being made and the writer must be careful not to give away too much information as that could weaken the argument.

Examples of a persuasive essay examples contain a variety of different arguments. One example that I often use in my teaching is the case of the United States vs. Japan. The basic argument is that the United States has become too arrogant and therefore we are not considered the leader in the world anymore. I then go on to use different examples of what that means. For example, if I were using this in a college classroom, it would be a good idea to teach the students that the United States has taken the lead in the world once again.

Another example of a strong argument is that the United States should spend less money on its defense because they are becoming obsolete. The same thing can also be used with arguments that deal with World Peace, such as the argument that the United States should help stop the Cold War and thus help the world be a better place.

A successful persuasive essay also needs to include a strong introduction and an outline. It should then go into some more detail and in the case of the example of a persuasive essay, it would even have a conclusion. When writing an introduction, I would recommend having all the necessary information in one paragraph so that the student will be able to grasp it easily.

Another aspect that the Examples of a persuasive essay examples I use to have is that they also contain supporting evidence. This can be done by either quoting directly from the original source, citing the source, or simply using the citation boxes provided.

As for the example of a persuasive essay that would be most effective, I recommend using this in a college lecture hall and teaching some of my college students how to write these essays. I often have the same examples in lectures that I give in my university and it is always interesting to watch students working with their examples. The goal of the course is for them to develop these skills themselves so that they can use this when they want to write a successful essay.